Rainbow Cruise #130


It is Saturday again, and after three weeks of no time, no boat no cruise for me, I could make it to the Rainbow Cruise #130. This cruise was a special one, for one of our participants. She became.. well lets say 28 and so.. we “drew” her >one< with the boats into the waters of Sailors Cove North and East.


It was a very tricky cruise, especially for the beginners, or how Jasp would call them, novices. At the start I had to relearn how to steer my boat, and this way I drove into almost every sim, ‘till I got to know my boat again – and the new 18k connection … XD


The most interesting part was, that we took some routes twice, this way, I was able to make some nice shots, of other paticipants tacking against the wind, like this one – it’s Alexandra.


Finally we got to the first and only meeting point this time. Uggo and Trip had a LOT of fun dancing, and talking about sizes... while we were waiting for the last ones to arrive.


Shortly, before we took of, for the last stage of tacking us through the wind home, I was able to make this pic, of the Nautilus. It watered right next to where we moored!


It became late, when we made it back. Here we just crossed Hollywood Airport, and even with waves and water and lots of bumping, there is a nice shot, of Kovu’s SC-40.

At all I can say it was a fun cruise, with lots of nice things to see, to explore and to learn. And if you couldnt tack yet, after this one, “YES YOU CAN!”

Thank you to Kovu for this challenging and great cruise. And thank you to all the participants, you were amazing!

Like always you can check ALL the pics I made on my Flickr Account!


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