Rainbow Cruise 127 – Satur/Sunday

I know, I know, I participated on Saturday too, but the lag and McAfee made it almost impossible to have fun and to make pictures, so this time, I joined the froces with all those amazing and nice sailors on Sunday again!


First Line Up for the Big Cruise #127! It was a challenging tour, that kept us on our toe tips, and was partially a bit rough for bigger boats, but in the end, all of us arrived safe and sound at the marina in Vindar!


Thank you Alex for this special cruise. plus we got some pretty mean obstacles today. At Fancys Deep.. there were SeaWars or Waterwars .. we had to navigate through a “medieval” minefield!!!!


I took the time to make an album for you on Flickr BUT .. I want to link the Collection of pics too, made by ZZ Bottom! Those are AMAZING!!!! You have to check them!

Another little Gimmik, Rhona made a special little video, and I love it, especially cuz the Hope is seen in it!!! The video was made during the Saturday cruise.

*thumbs up for all the effort and fun and time everyone put in* And I have to say awesome boats I have seen today. Yoda I am, weird talking I can… 


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