Pressure pushing down on me…

Pressing down on you no man ask for
Under pressure – that burns a building down


On Thursday, day of the nordic god Thor, Jasp my bestie and sailing instructor, and me had a “date”. It was one of our many adventure dates, when we do stuff we enjoy and rare people know about, that you can do it in SL.


We took his WildWind Catamaran, from Orca Banks too a place of the west coast of the Nautilus, for some nice scuba diving. But this time I was the teacher and Jasp the scholar and he was a very, very good one!


In the end, I showed him the shop I own at nautilus, and flew him back home. We had an amazing time it was a blast!!!.We decided, to do this more often, maybe without the Catamaran … 54 kts are way too fast for our connections!


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