Pow .. pow.. pow. .. pow… powerboat

I so had to start with THIS video, and now back to the topic, well its still topic,WE GOT A NEW POWERBOAT IN TOWN!!!! I could have set this into the other post, but it deserved it’s own entry. I got the new Libelle by BMW made on the grid by Sympricity, and it’s AWESOME!!!

The steering is great, the movement very realistic, the rocking and dancing with the waves and the SPEED woohoooo .. always gives me goozebumps.

After customizing her by the HUD – this is really easy so everyone can customize it even without Photoshop skills!!! – Jasp and I took our new babies out for a ride!

All along the Blake Sea Channel, to Fastnet Rock, turning there and back home. And as if the boat wouldn’t be awesome enough, I could make a great shot of something AT Fastnet Rock!

This is something you don’t see everyday! It was a blast, and doesnt even took long, cuz these boats run up to 50 knots! And you even get a little HUD for the speed in Mouselook – which is just uber amazing. I love my new Libelle-tje, and I will never ever give her away! Yop yop!


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