My day off …

… or how I am the one to blame!

Smooth stones beneath me
Cool air surrounds
Soft and savory
Take me to God, you can take me to God

No it doesn’t take your
Will to set your brace on me
I never doubt your possibilities
Please let go of my sleeve

Today started easy and smooth, I spent the day on the beach, close to the appartment of my boyfriend. Soaking sun, and just enjoying the heat… untillJasp started to ask, if I show him my new Narca 17.

The Narca 17 is an olympia class catamaran made by Dutch in cooperation with Motor Loon, Analyse Dean and the BWind designer. Especially for this boat, there was made a new BWind system 2.5 – with gusts and slacks and water streaming, in a way we already know from Zephiweather, but now.. BWind has it too, with the common easy BWind features!

I fell immediately in love with my Narca 17 after a short demo-ride and baught it. But today was Jasps time for a testride, and guess what?! He fell in love as well. He was so brave not getting new boats lately.. but I fixxed him on again.. so I completely take the blame for that one!

But the Narca 17 just speaks for itself, you really gotta check this catamaran out! You can adjust the Gennaker by hand and seperated from the jib and main. You can actually plane this vehicle, like a RL catamaran, and this baby has the perfect mix of being a bit bitchy, being a lot of work and being just fun. so for all the experienced sailors out there, who really wanna work a bit .. come and get it!

Kovu is to blame that I got mine.. just sharing!


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