LCC St. Patricks Day Cruise

It is not St. Patties Day, but I am sure lots of people still does have a bad hang over. I had no time to participate yesterday in that cruise, but, Hera and I took it on today. It was challenging, but pretty much fun.



It was a really smooth and slow cruise, and I met someone I already knew, but we never talked. Actually, I just recognized his Batman-Boat and OD 60 – with Batman on it – I am sure some of you have seen it around too.

He loved the textures I made for the Hope. Made me a very, very proud “mommy” !


Nice fact, the cruise circled half way around Hay Harbor – the Sim we own and live on. We is Hera, Neliel and I. That shot is one of my house, and in the background is jerry – an orca – who recently decided to live with us.


The finish was deep down in the Everglades. It was awesome, deep hanging trees, old oaks… and small rivers. Perfect for canoing – and thats, why I decided, I will have a “Canoe-Date” with Jasp tomorrow!

You can view all pictures on Flickr!


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