It’s ALL Jaspars fault!!!!

or – What rich people do….

The answer is, they make their friends buy planes…. But lets start at the beginning. Or how Gibbs would say “First things frist!”

Jasp got a new plane. You think these aren’t ‘new’ news, I agree, cuz when I asked him, why he needed it. His answer was “Because it was there!”


That’s the plane, a JU-52, one of the first airliner, and build in germany. The nickname was “Tante Ju” in english means >Aunt Ju<.  On the picture you can see, that Jasp tried a new technique to stop the plane. Instead of hitting the breakes, he used the hedge.. very clever! I called it hedge-break-maneuver.

After that landing, he gave me controls, so I could take off and get us to St. Martin. That actually worked, till … well.. we crashed right after the take off … yah.. I am not so good with oldies I guess!


But Jasp wont be Jasp,if he couldn’t save the day, and we finally arrived save and sound at the St. Martin Airfield. A coffee and a long talk about Tim Allen – whose real name is btw Timothy Allen Dick – and we flew back to Hollywood. And there it happened …..




He made me buy it!!! WELL ok.. he didn’t … well he don’t forced me but.. it was a lot of pressure there… like air pressure and… water.. pressure… well what so ever.. I got a plane, a seaplane… actually a hybrid!

And I am sooooo happy about it, I totally forgot the name! XD – ah right it’s a Debonair 0513.


Her first flight, it was amazing, and I so got that plane.. I didn’t crashed it! Whoot!!!

I flew to my home, and after that Jasp back home to his place, just to got back to mine, where the new plane got it’s own berth, right next to my helicopter!

I GOT A PLANE YAY!! Aviators!!!


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