In the footsteps of Quron Jones and Lara Silverfall …

… or how Quron and I went to the Paleo Island …


An important message reached us on a very common Friday. Quron and I were just chilling in the summerly warm sun, as our cellphones went nuts. Magellan Linden, needed our help.. again ….

Dr. Talpa is trying to take over the Second Life again! Can you help Magellan Linden save the grid?

(Take part in a series of quests, collect valuable artifacts, and win L$ or prizes for your bravery!)

After we read these horrible lines, we knew, it was time, to get our comfy asses up, and to save the grid! And we had a nice reason to dress up in a very different way, but we soooo rocked it!


When we finally found rifles, guns and survival gear in the depths of our closets, we took the next Helicopter to the Paleo Island.. but we didn’t knew what happened next.. and we didn’t expect THIS!


Just the entrance was amazing, and something hit me.. like a stroke .. could it be? Are all the stories true, about the Paleo Island? Was John Grisham right with his novel Jurassic Park, but noone believed it?!


After we walked through the huge visitor center, to fill up our ressources, we had to wait for the Monorail to arrive. The train was supposed to lead us safely through the park …


There was no time, when we weren’t in contact with Magellan Linden, he gave us a special communicator for this island, led us, and helped us, and took care of the motions with providing matching, great music, for every situation!

Quest 1 – The Pyramids:

Someone or something has stolen the ancient idol mask from the sarcophagus inside the pyramids. Can you find it and return it to its rightful place?

Climb the cliffs, avoid the perils, and use the zip line to find the mask. Once you have the mask, return it to its rightful place inside the pyramids.


That something was a huge pterodactyl, and it was massive dangerous, but we made it, despite of the vulvano spitting huge rocks, or the dangerous tomb…

As soon as we were on save grounds, Magellan Linden had another task for us. We wont be Quron Jones and Lara Silverfall, if we wouldn’t have except it! No matter what the odds are!

Quest 2 – Nessie’s Golden Tooth

Here lies a vast lake, home to the infamous Loch Ness Monster. Magellan needs Nessie’s golden tooth. Can you find it?

Make your way across the lake to find the golden tooth!


We struggled with slippery wet stones, and dangerous waters, but we found the tooth and could bring it to a save spot. Other adventurers were less fortunate, and Nessi got them.. spitted to death!

Quest 3 – The Lost Treasure

Ahoy, landlubbers! Magellan needs your help to find the ancient treasure, but the key to the treasure chest has been lost. Can you find it and open the treasure chest?


Now it got dangerous.. like really bad dangerous, we had to go INTO the raptor preserve. And the velociraptors were loose and on the run … they hid in bushes.. and caves waiting for pray…


While Q covered my sexy ass, i could climb up this rock, to cover his sweet bum, while he got to me! And still no sign of the lost key…


We saw something blinking in tall grass near a cave, so I hid for Mr. Jones to cover him, so he could get the key! We wanted that treasure!

After a walk trough quicksand, a really dangerous ship and a maze, we found the amazing treasure, but we couldnt keep it, Magella Linden… was faster and took it for his collection! So we had to zipline us out of the raptor preserve, and got immediatly the new task!

Quest 4 – Out of Space

Dr Talpa’s experiments have gone wrong again. Objects from space have crashed landed! Can you help repair the communication satellite? Find the solar panel, and return it to the communication satellite.

While I was taking another picture of a  sauropoda, the Monorail cam, i struggeld and lost my camera … but this last one, got uploaded, so i want to share it!


The solarpannel was close to an active vulcano, and falling trees. Q and I had to be very carefull, and were always on the run, looking for places to hide and wait, untill less rocks would fall out of the sky. It was no easy task to bring the heavy panel back to the satelite, but with teamwork and patience, everything is possible!

Quest 5 – DNA Sample

Magellan Linden needs a dinosaur DNA sample. Navigate a boat to the far end of the cave. Be careful of the toxic water, and get a DNA sample from the sleeping T-Rex, without waking him…if you’re brave enough!

When we got the last quest, we thought he was kidding. a T-Rex, on the loose, probably hungry, and we shall get a DNA sample?! Are you freaking kidding me??!! .. But .. Quron Jones.. and lara Silverfall, wont be such big adventurers, if they wont do ANYTHING, not without fear…. to tell the truth.

Finally… sweaty, dirty, covered in bruises, scratches, bloody bandaids and very tired, we made it back to the visitors center. There you can get collectable prices, or money. This time, we decided to take the money… i made a hundret bugs .. but we weren’t in for the cash! NO MISTER! WE were in for the FUN and the ADventure and this is something the Paleo island writes in huge capital letters!

For all the pictures i made, check my Flickr Album!


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