Helidiving, or just a S.C.U.B.A.-adventure?!

Today, we had a lack of everything. Of ideas, of energie and of connection power. So I thought scuba diving would be nice, and my sweet Jasp made Helidiving out of it. Like Heliskiing just for scuba-divers.

We took the long way up to the Leviathan, to dive there a bit. I always thought this big skelleton is amazing, and today we checked the waters underneath and around.

We found some old rusty submarines, and a hammer-shark … they are one of the meanest among them. I let Jasp swim and check the areas out, to be safe. Thats what friends are for, arent they? XD

This way, I had an awesome view right onto his bum. Damn what a cute ass! But that butt is not for me!

Finally, we had to fly back home, but it’s always special, especially, when I am not the one who flies. Thank you Jasp for this nice idea, of Helidiving!


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