First Adventure

Today was a very special day for me, cuz I spent it with my son Damien. I planned a trip for us, so he got hiking boots, and the right clothes, and we started the chopper!

Like a real pro, even when Mommy was flying. We flew all the way down toFrasier Island Airport, were we landed. Next to the airport is a Kayak rental station, for free! We took a double…

With the kayak we drove all the way up to Cooper Creek Wilderness, along the home of a close friend, Dex.

Damien loved it, just like I did, to had him there with me!

Finally and very late, we arrived at the butterfly house. And not without danger. We accidently ran into two, not one, TWO tigers, but they seemed to be nice, and VERY well fed … and into some eals. But my mokassins saved me, while I carried Damien piggyback through the waters.

At the Butterfly House, we had a small rest, and my little monster got his ice pop … he fell asleep as I took him into my arms. We grabbed the cab home, where the bed was the next station!

Thank you for this lovely day little one! And thank you to Conte Alchemi for these lovely sims! It was an amazing trip, and we will return for more hidden findings!


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