Commodores Cup 12M – or the failing in failing…


On Sundays it’s Commodores Cup Day, for the Rainbow Sailors and the 12M yachts of trudeaus. Today we were just three participants, but Jasp got me for the weight on board as crew.

Uggo started in his blue 12M, Kovu in white and Jasp as always in creme – well his shirt was pink! 

We had some bad issues, with getting hit by an MLC Oceanic, lag and a very rare brief moment, of me calming Jasp down, not the other way around. The collesion damage messed the boat a bit up, but in the end, we… crashed … and had to rerez. So the race actually happened between Uggo and Ko.

After almost one hour, we finally arrived, and here comes the racing data:

Trial Race Results:
1. Uggo Vieria   IDUGGO –  00:44:30.16
2. Kovu Kumel   IDKING –  00:45:36.11
3. Jaspar Recreant   ID#181 –  00:54:47.95

Big congratulations to Uggo for the first place, and to Kovufor comming in second. Well third place wont be so bad.. if there would have been more participants. Jasp.. i’ve got a plan! We have to… train more!


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