Checking Boats … Again!


I love boats, that’s not a secret, and that my sweet bestie Jasp loves them even more, it’s no secret at all. So today, after I finished some of the new Loonetta-Textures I was working on, Jasp and I decided to check on the new Bandit IF and the “old” one the Bandit 25R.

Here are some teaser pics, of the new IF – it will be ready in the next days. I soooo want it! It’s just gorgeous.

A small look to the inside. Some nice sleeping bags, a little stove. Very neat and sweet. It just got everything.

They named her Syren, and she is really one. And for sure, it’s a SHE!

After wonderfull views and check ups on the boats, I gave Jaspar a ride back home. This pic of the True Love (it’s the name of my Loonetta) shows her new timber-finish and the new spinnacker and sails!


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