Boat testing – The Shield Class v 1.1a

I would love to call that entry BIF testing, but it wasn’t the Syren I could try. Jaspar and I went to a boat fair at Tradewinds Yacht Club. There were lots of new boats, and two for free. My time is rare, so I decided to first check out the sailboat. Her name is Perseverance.

First I was very sceptical, but after testing, I am so glad I got that one. It has just 26 prims, and is very nice made. The scripts remember me a bit on the Trudeau boats, it reacts a bit like one of those, so no complaining here 🙂

The speed is nice, around 6 knots, if you don’t change any of the settings. The physics and movements are smooth and very sweet.

And lets not forget the sounds.. they really “rocked” my world. Another nice point, you can jibe/wing the jib and mainsail. A function most boats miss, but not this one.

Another great feature, this model comes with ALL textures, so for boat-modding, you get all you need. It’s a small thing I love, you know, I always try to personalise my nutshells.

Also nice, it has Boat Weather. I really enjoyed it so far, but to read more about this feature, check out Zephis Website.

So a short resume: you can sail it with some of your friends. i couldn’t test that part, but I think up to two other avatars at least. Just 26 prims, and you can add more and mod your boat like you want. And all of that for just 1L$

So if you like boats and want another, or if you have no boat but want one .. you can’t be wrong with this one!


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