Boat Testing – again

Yesterday Jasp and I thought, we will put our heads together, and check this Zephi-Wind thingy. I told you about that one, in my last post. So we took our Shields Class and met atSnug Sea.

He was already finished with personalizing his one. But well I may need a bit longer….

So about Zephi-Weather – it is awesome. It is very detailed, and there is everything in it, from easy peasy to challenging insane. We rode the Shields down to Hollywood Airport and Crows Nest, all along the Blake Sea Cannel, and back, and we both LOVE this boat.

The nice part about Zephi is, that it is saved with the avatar, not the boat, so if you change the boat, and the next one got Zephi too, it will use all the changes to the weather, you already made, so it is really automatic!

I really can just recommend this boat, to just EVERYONE, who like to have a nice boat, that gives you a very great sailing experience.

And btw …. it took me one day more… but she is ready.. and I named her..Dakota, after my sister and soulmate.


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