A new old boat…


I am madly in love, you say this is old news? Yah probably, but i never told you this lovestory. it began at Dex, almost a year ago, when i saw this beauty for the first time.

A Schokker, made by Rene Marina. This is an old dutch boat, north-sea usage, mostly military in the 1800s, later rescue- and fisher boat. I saw this boat at Dex, and lost my heart, but I never got her… untill now. Yesterday I couldn’t resist any longer, and I baught this beauty, after over an hour of demo-driving.

I like the way you have to reset the rudder, just like with a real boat. The fact that you dont have any color indicators how to set the sails, was hard for me in the first place, but soon I got used to doing the math of windangle/2 = boomangle for the perfect wind.

I have to admit that I struggled badly with the dynamic cam, and with the fact that I always have to stop the dynamic cam after resitting on the boat, but this is just a thing I probably just have to get used to.

It is a perfect boat for family trips or a hangout with friends, plus it is modify, and that makes my heart race, cuz you know I mod just everything!

If you are into old and antique boats, this princess is a must have!!! My beauty is names XQuisite – in honor of both of her owners cuz it was a team-buy, by me and my boyfriend Quron. Thank you ❤


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