A new cruise… and other new things…

… there is a new cruise in town, and Jasp took me and Garith – thats my evil twin brother – with him on it, for a hot ride, all along the Fruit Islands.

The West Pacific Cruise was awesome, we took J’s Wildwind SC40 for a run. It started caused by lag and disconnects a bit rough, but in the end we caught up to the field, and had a blast.

After finishing the West Pacific Cruise, neither of us wanted to break up, but I wrote about other new things. You probably realised by now, that there is someone in the last days, more often on the photos I make…

So yes, I admit it, I met someone, and he moved closer to my homeplace, onto the Northern Blake Sea continent, near the “Star Lake!”

So the desicion was easy, lets try to find the water route, up there … no problem with Jasp on the helm.

On the way to DEX – we took Dakota in, and with us. Seems she really enjoyed being our figurehead of the Fubbs. (Thats btw the name of Jasps Loonetta!)

When we finally arrived at the passage, something bad happened. Not one but TWO orbs kicked us off the sim, it doesn’t even makes sense! Orbs on an open waterway … one of the owner even put his house right in the middle of the channel .. that was really annoying! We hope right now, Linden Labs will take care of it.

So after this “experiment” stopped so suddenly,  we wanted to do some more… maybe something new?!

Indeed we did something new, we went down south to St. Martin, and I introduced my sister to the new BMW Libelle by Simplicity! It was amazing, she fell in love with her, just like I did earlier. I also showed her Fastnet Rock – the monument for the Fastnet Race here on the grid.

Unfortunately the demo dissapeared there on us, so I brought her home, using the Opduwertje – little information, the ending -tje in dutch means little, tiny or cute, or all of it.

And again – a figurehead for me! Win win!!


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