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Fairytale Wednesday

Once upon a time, there lived a princess, in a land far far away down under. She lost her mommy early, and stayed alone with her dad. So she grew up, and after a while, her dad passed away too.

She walked alone and loneyley, through the days, untill a prince came. But it wasn’t Prince Charming, like you would assume, he was more like Shrek, an Oger. But he loved her, and saved her out of the dark valley, her lonelyness put her in.

They lived together, many month, and one day … it was spring and rainy, a little prince was born. “Damien shall be his name!” said the princess, and her Prince agreed. Now with a baby boy, They became Kind and Queen, with their little prince.

But soon dark clouds came up, and a strom break loose, ripping the little family apart again. The pain, of loosing her King, made the Queen so sad, that she needed to send her precious boy to her grandparents, so he would live with them, untill the pain lingered away.

Many years went by, but still the pain was like a fresh open wound. Untill one day… in june … it wasn’t even a nice day.. but it became very special. The queen decided, to take her boy back, to give him the live he deserves, even if she is still alone, but she will become the best mommy ever…

Thank you Damien, for deciding, to stay with me, and thank you for making this day so special.


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