12M race of RSYC…

… or how I sabotaged Jasp…

It was my first 12M race, but Jasp was kind as always and took me with him. But I was more an obstacle, keeping the boat .. flat, but it wanted to be in a 45° angle to the water… well in the end I knew that too

I can tell you, I worked hard, and the two of us spent a boat load of sweat. And happenings like having a huge plane right in front of you… didn’t really made it easier for us.

But we saw awesome other boats, the weather was great, and we had our fun. Jasp was forgiving and patient as always, so thank you very much!*hugs and kisses to you Darling*

Here we are on the last step of the race. In front of Titus place, i thought it would make a great shot. We had almost 15 knots there, and worked great together in the end.

but to not keep you away from the racing results:

Race Results:

1: Titus Tobias   ID1153 – 00:46:03
2: Uggo Vieria   IDUV25 – 00:46:32
3: Jaspar Recreant   ID#181 – 00:49:24

Lap Times:
Titus Tobias   ID1153 – Start: 00:00:32  –  Last lap: 00:45:31
Uggo Vieria   IDUV25 – Start: 00:00:33  –  Last lap: 00:45:59
Jaspar Recreant   ID#181 – Start: 00:00:38  –  Last lap: 00:48:46


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